Waggan Avatar VrChat Model

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Waggan Avatar VrChat Model

31 ratings

Hello Thank You so much for the interest in my model! The Waggans are a dragon fox cat hybrid whose main goal in life is to be hecking adorable. They are glow in the dark so please go crazy with the texturing of this model. This is an open species so have fun with it!


You can message me in there for help or feedback (if you get lost while setting this up please message me I want to make sure everything works)


++++This is not refundable++++
You are buying a digital copy; therefore, you cannot physically give the product back to fairly get your money back. I have a discord if problems arise, but the Youtube Tutorial provided should explain how to set it up.

-This avatar will be receiving free updates over time

-This is not Quest Compatible

-Eye texturing done through photoshop/drawing software


-VRSDK3 package is setup for avatar 3.0

-Physbones everywhere (toes, nose, hair, ears, butt, tail, cheek floof, tongue)

-Mouth and face visemes for vrchat/vtubing

-Plethora of expressions and more to come

-Preferred Poiyomi shaders https://github.com/poiyomi/PoiyomiToonShader (Poiyomi has a free version whish is recommended but not necessary, these will help the waggan look the best)

-Emissions everywhere!

-Body modification blendshapes including muscles and m/f options

-4 hair Styles

-2 clothing sets, all parts swappable

-tail wag and it’s speed, tail puppet, ears puppet

In this purchase you will receive:

  • FBT Vrchat Model
  • 18 emotes/8 ear positions
  • Body modifications options
  • 2 included clothing sets, swappable
  • A unity package containing the waggans (textures included in the project)
  • Fbx/Blender files associated with the model
  • Substance files associated
  • The Uv layouts as Pngs

SDK not included in project so make sure to import it into your latest Unity before importing the Unity package of the avatar.

Unity version used for VRChat: Unity 2019.4.31f1

Terms Of Service

By purchasing this model you agree to the following

You may:

  • You are free to edit this model (just not allowed to resell or redistribute the changed model as it falls under derivative work)
  • Retexture Commissions are ok as long as both parties own this package
  • Sell accessory/garments you created for the avatar, Do not include the Waggan Base files in the packages

You may not:

  • Use this avatar for commercial purposes.
  • Take credit for the avatar.
  • Share any of the files provided to people who do not legally own the model, even if it is modified.
  • Share any modification version of the avatar that used third-party assets, unless both ends legally own the related files.
  • Resell or redistribute the assets within this package, unless both ends legally own the related files.

-Do not public this model it's yours and is meant to be private

I am not responsible for any misuse to the model or not following TOS with any platform rules.

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Waggans the Fluffy Dragon Cat Fox

Unity Package
FBX, SSP, Blend Files Included
Full Body Tracking


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